For twenty years and counting, we, Susan and William Brinson, continue to refine and share our philosophies on design, photography and entertaining. We value our divergent backgrounds, the intimate influences of our grandparents and our optimistic attitude towards life’s trials and triumphs. These elements, along with our experience in the creative field, and our close friends, inspire us to create our lifestyle blog, House of Brinson. We welcome you into our lives to discover and enjoy life’s simple pleasures in a complicated world.

When our paths first crossed in high school, we knew our connection would flourish. After our studies at Savannah College of Art and Design we moved to New York City, where we are continuing our life-long commitment to each other. 

Susan has over 13 years of experience in the ad industry where she spearheaded the creative vision and strategy for numerous brands, working herself up to Design Director. Susan and William have been working behind the scenes with each other for years and decided to make it public with their collaboration as “The Brinsons” a photography and creative duo.

William is the Co-Founder of House of Brinson and a food, interior, lifestyle photographer. His work amplifies brand and publisher’s story for advertising agencies such as Big Spaceship, Saatchi & Saatchi and Mother NY; magazines that include Martha Stewart Living, Food & Wine and Glamour; and book publishers, Penguin Group, Kyle Books and Clarkson Potter, to name a few. With the addition of Susan to the business, their work has been taken to a new level combining the best creative aspects of each of their personalities.

The Brinson Loft is our home and our studio. We’ve had many trips overseas and in rural America and Canada searching for objects that beckon our aesthetic and capture our sentiment. Together, we thoughtfully curate these objects in hopes to stir curiosity and nostalgia. Our days and nights at the loft vary from long shoots where the third cup of coffee disappoints to well-considered dinner parties that inspire intriguing conversations. We also have quiet weekend nights where we spend quality time with our Boxer, Nero. We invite you to seek and define your personal luxury at House of Brinson.


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We document all aspects of art, design, photography, food, and life that we find inspiring. Our aesthetic is about contrast: black and white, light and dark, masculine and feminine, old and new, rustic and modern. We photograph and style editorial, advertising assignments and special projects, both independently and collaboratively. Lastly, as tastemakers and active bloggers, we partner with brands to help them attain their engagement goals by sharing deeper insights about our audience and pairing tendencies thoughtfully and responsibly.

Susan Brinson is an Art Director and Stylist. She is well known for her obsessive holiday cookie baking and most recently canning. You can see more of Susan's work at studiobrinson.com.

William Brinson is a photographer, foodie, always thinking about the next meal. He enjoys cooking and collecting vintage kitchenware, specifically knives. You can see William's portfolio at williambrinson.com.

For more details on our services, please email both Susan and Will at hello@houseofbrinson.com or do it the old-fashioned way, and call us at 917.293.9510.




Q: I love your photographs and your content, what’s the best way for me to share them digitally?

A: We are flattered that you think so. All images copyright William Brinson cannot be used without permission. If you wish to feature some of our photos or text in your blog or business website, please contact us first to ask for permission and inquire about licensing rates. See Copyright.

Q: My eyes are drooling, where do you find your delicious and noteworthy props and recipes?

A: Thank you for noticing. We write all our recipes, if we were inspired by a recipe, we will link to it. The props are from our personal collection, which have been sourced at many places and over a long period of time. Check out our “Resources” page to get to know our favorite places.

Q: I am a blogger who is a fellow food, design, interior, lifestyle enthusiast. Can I write a guest post on House of Brinson?

A:  Hello fellow blogger, and thank you for considering House of Brinson. At this time, our blog only features our original photography and writing about our personal stories. Please don’t be discouraged, keep blogging and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter so we can stay in touch.

Q: We represent brands (agencies, PR companies, in-house marketers), do you publish product reviews or participate in sponsored content?

A: Currently, we do not accept products to review, however we do partner with brands from time to time for sponsorship opportunities. If you work with a PR company, we are happy to be included in your list, however we can not promise that we will blog about specific items. Please email us to discuss these opportunities.

Q: We’re an agency representing brands and we’d like to advertise on your blog. What are your rates?

A: Wonderful! We are seriously considering advertising opportunities. We would love to further discuss the terms in person. Let’s lunch.


© William Brinson. Images and content may not be used without permission. Please see our copyright terms for more information.