Michael Grey Footwear

In an industrial part of Williamsburg backed up to the sets of a few TV shows sits the studio of Michael Grey Footwear. Looking out over the vast Brooklyn landscape Mike bangs away at presoaked leather sole. Each nail is hammered in one by one with rhythmic precision. Every imperfection is human perfection that only comes from a hand made shoe...

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Renovation and Creativity

I wanted to do a quick post on creativity. It’s something that’s been on my mind as I, and all of us, continue to evolve in our careers and creative endeavors. We’re renovating our house and I’ve learned something important: renovation is a creativity killer! Yes, If you have a creative career and renovate, it is really difficult...

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Summer Whites: Pork and Beans

The hot sticky summer is upon us and and all I can think about is cooling down. Susan and I have been adapting to our new 1850s home and all of of it’s lovely quirks. I’ve been swapping out all the 30 something storm windows with their summer screens trying to see where the breeze comes from best...

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