Eataly, Welcome

We finally got a chance to visit new Italian market mecca, Eataly. It was well worth it. I had imagined a few restaurants, a caffeine shrine of some sort and an over priced cheese shop. But to my surprise there is a fish monger, butcher, cheese shop, bread palace, fresh pasta maker, amazing veggies (although a slim supply) and a good market for pantry items. The best part, it's pretty reasonable prices for NYC. I have yet to try the restaurants but they looked interesting.

We picked up a few Italian staples including prosciutto, mortadella, taleggio (our favorite stinky cheese) 2 loaves of bread (which were pretty amazing) figs, seltzer, and the well loved Chinotto soda.

All in all, I say welcome to the neighborhood Eataly. You are very well received. We will see you again soon.

September 12, 2010
September 17, 2010