Raspberry Jam: A Labor of Love

It’s no joke that I like things that require an immense amount of work. I just think it is worth it in the end. This jam is a perfect example of that. I love the taste of raspberries, but not the texture for a jam. When I saw this recipe for seedless raspberry jam, I had to try it. This is my second time making it, and it is so worth the extra love. 

You start with raspberries, and puree them. Then you press all the pulp out. It is this pulp that you add sugar and a touch of lemon juice to, that makes the jam. It is a smooth texture, with no lumps. I hope you enjoy seeing this process. 

I’m making jam for holiday gifts, so I hope everyone has been nice this year. If you think you have been nice, leave a comment and one person will be picked at random to receive a jar of seedless raspberry jam. 

Good Luck!

October 15, 2010
October 19, 2010