Prime Cuts

It’s no secret I have an odd obsession with collecting kitchen knives, for goodness sake I even have a chefs knife tattoo on my inner arm. I’m not psycho, I just like knives! There is something about the history, texture, patina and vanity of each knife that makes them so beautiful.

When it comes to collecting them, I’m a utilitarian a heart, so I rarely buy one I don’t use. I clean them up, sharpen them and see what the best use is for them in the kitchen.

One of my favorite pieces is one that looks like a small coconut knife, with the initials GEM in the handle. This is the perfect knife for breaking down a whole chicken. It just has the right weight to it and works so effortlessly.

All the knives are displayed on the wall in the kitchen, so it can be a bit of a statement. Some of them I just put up for looks and good conversation. There is one small knife hanging on the rack that has been sharpened so much, I joke that it’s my prison shank. That always gets some looks, then laughs!

November 9, 2010
November 15, 2010