Winter Sensation: Pumpkin Gnocchi

The chill is getting harder and harder to shake off and the snow is about to fall once again, a little comfort food is exactly what is needed. Warm your soul and your belly with this winter sensation, pumpkin gnocchi!

Inspired by spontaneous night out at Artisanal, we tasted one of the most amazing pasta dishes we had ever had, a beautiful pumpkin gnocchi. We sat and savored every little bit of flavor, trying to make out the ingredients and making mental notes. We immediately started looking around in the grocery stores for a pumpkin gnocchi, with no luck. The meal at Artisanal was so satisfyingly good we couldn’t let it go. We were going to make the gnocchi ourselves. I was imagining a long tortures process with many complicated steps, was I ever wrong. Making homemade gnocchi couldn’t be easier. The only unexpected thing was how much one batch made. Let’s just say we are heavily stocked with gnocchi. But to our surprise, it freezes so well.

So, for our interpretation of this wonderfully flavorful meal we combined diced slab bacon, diced butternut squash, shiitake and baby portobello mushrooms and thinly sliced brussels sprouts, with a few leaves for garnishing. This dish is really captivating and wonderful for a family dinner or first course. In fact we served this as a second course for our New Years Eve Italian fest.

I hope you will all enjoy making the pumpkin gnocchi and this intoxicating dish. You will be happy you made extra gnocchi!

January 5, 2011