The Lure of an Opener

There is something thrilling about the pop of a cork or psst of a bottle cap. Opening of a celebration or just for enjoyment, it’s all stars there. I guess that is the mystique and beauty behind my collecting of bottle openers.

I always look for the classic and adorned along with the utilitarian and simpleness of the piece. There is a story to be told no matter how fancy or mundane they may be. Some of the more simple gas station openers came from my grandfathers random road travels. These always remind me to be adventuress with what you have on hand, and enjoy the simple things, like a random car ride.

If you have ever been over for a drink, you will always see the Laguiole at my side, ready to cut the foil and pull out the cork. It kinda makes me feel like a badass pulling out a knife, and then popping a cork! A flair for the dramatic never hurts at a party.

Some of the openers I have are just for the pure beauty and craftsmanship. The turned wooden handle to the gracefulness and patina of the metal, I just fall in love with them. I don’t have an extensive collection, but just enough to make me happy. Enjoy