Food Photography for Bloggers Workshop

Come join me, William Brinson photographer, of the blog House of Brinson, for a session on how to photograph food with natural light. We will go over the ins and outs of using natural light and what’s the right situation. A crash course on using what’s around you to get the perfect shot, and how to make the food look like you just want to eat it off the screen. It will be a fun day of photography, food and delicious photos.

This will be an intimate session that will be limited to 6 people. This class is for the blogger looking to up their game and draw more attention to their blog with fantastic photos.

The first part of the day will spent on composition, setting up the perfect shot and some rules of thumb on daylight photography. After lunch we will dive right in and explore what you have learned. Creating the right shot for the right situation and having fun!

Things we will be going over

– How to use available light to make your photograph

– Diffusing Daylight to fit your style

– Do’s and Don’ts of long exposures

– How to create contrast on a dreary day

– The use of a gray card

– Using what you have available


– A digital SLR camera with the manual setting and memory card

– tripod and cable release (optional)

Admission is $275 

Please RSVP to

(First come first serve)


April 16th 10AM-3PM



March 24, 2011
April 1, 2011