Knife Skills

What’s the perfect gift for a foodie who actually likes to cook? A knife skills class, and that’s exactly what my good friend Nathan got for me. 

We spent the afternoon learning all kinds of cuts and better methods for wielding our blades and not hurting each other!

Gilda Mulero, a natural foods chef and cooking instructor, was a delight to learn from. We set up in the kitchen and she explained some good safety tips and what knives were meant for what purpose. Gilda had a great way of putting things into perspective and really showed us the best ways to enhance our new techniques. 

Nathan was a chopping machine. Seriously, he was skinning the inside of a bell pepper by the end of the day. My personal Jacque Pepin. This is a really great class to do with a friend or two and it was such a blast. Thanks Nathan!

April 10, 2011