Big Apple BBQ: Part Two

We had so much fun and there was so much to see, that we need a second post to glorify the wonders of the Big Apple BBQ in Madison Square Park last weekend. BBQ styles from some of the hot spots of America, all in one place. Pigs and cows beware!

Now when you are talking about pulled pork BBQ, you have to understand it varies per state. My all time favorite is a Carolina style pulled pork sandwich, consisting of: a bun, pulled pork, coleslaw (on top) and a vinegar based BBQ sauce. This is very unlike other states where the BBQ sauce is a tomato based sauce and the coleslaw sits all lonely on the side of the plate, neglected! Leaving the coleslaw out is like having pork and beans with no pork, shameful! 

No matter what your taste in BBQ is, they had it all here at the Big Apple BBQ. I tried as many styles as I could, with out passing. I think I ate a whole pig, or maybe just a piglet.

Hope you will all come out next year and join us, or if you find a good BBQ event near you, invite us. We are always for a good ‘cue!

June 14, 2011
June 20, 2011