Pickling Ramps

Pickling never gets boring, you let the pickles sit for a few weeks, and surprise. I would pretty much pickle anything. When food stylist Rebecca Jurkevich asked if I wanted to pickle ramps one weekend, the answer was yes! I never thought to pickle ramps. Rebecca makes working with any food look like ice skating, and she cuts like a professional chef. So I could pretty much watch her cut, oh, all day. Jacques Pepin is another one of my favorites, see him here (around minute 11).

Pickled ramps are amazing, such a surprise. We put these on eggs, and I can think of many more possibilities. The sweet tartness of the pickle is so very good.

Pickled vegatables are a new thing for me. Of course I had traditional ‘pickles’ as a kid, but I have only tried pickled carrots, ramps and beets as an adult. What is your favorite pickles and have you explored different kinds of pickles? I’ll keep an eye out for different veggies to pickle this summer and fall. 

July 12, 2011
July 21, 2011