Tomato Sandwiches

The end of the summer is near and all the markets are filled with juicy ripe tomatoes. You can almost eat them like an apple. There are so many varieties and colors, the possibilities are endless. Nothing beats a simple tomato sandwich. 

Susan’s Aunt Shirley sent us a bread making kit, that turned out the most amazing whole grain no knead bread. This was such a great gift, all the ingredients are in a jar and you just put it together! We were wondering what to eat with this when Susan’s Canadian roots grabbed hold and blurted out, “Why don’t we make tomato sandwiches!” and so we did. We did dress it up a little and used the whole grain bread, tomatoes, salt and goat cheese. They were delicious and so simple you couldn’t go wrong.

So run out to the markets and buy them while they are sweet. Let us know what you did with yours.