Getting ready for a trip requires a lot of planning on my part. I need to pack in a very organized fashion, and everything I pack must have multiple purposes. Really, I try to work with the suitcase weight limit (the way home is another story). When planning our upcoming trip to France, I looked around at my wardrobe and was scared. So I had to pull together some beautiful, versitile pieces I could use when we traveled. Above, one of my favorite shoe makers, Cole Haan, made the best wedge. Very reasonable to walk around in all day with the built in Nike Air design. I love the glossy finish, it really feels like a fancy shoe, but wears like a slipper. I see a lot of tourists where we live, in a way they are kind of my neighbors. I am not a fan of the ‘I thought I was at the gym’ look when traveling. I try to dress like I would normally, but with more comfortable shoes.

Next up is a travel must have: a great wrap. I picked this one up at All Saints and I love the little tassels on the bottom. I try not to carry too much jewelry when I travel, maybe only a few special pieces. These silver earrings from Michele Varian have been worn day in and day out ever since I put them on for the first time. I love that you can dress up a simple outfit with great earrings. These earrings also feel great to wear because of how they dangle and the crocheted craftsmanship is so lovely. These also come in gold, which I have already added to my wish list.

September 25, 2011