Carnac, France

Before we shift into full holiday mode, I wanted to share the last story from our France trip. One of my favorite things we did in France was visit Carnac. I am a National Geographic and Discovery channel geek and pretty much memorize all of the historic shows. I could watch them over and over, I never get sick of them. Give me a few drinks and I can tell you all about the pyramids of Egypt. 

Carnac was one of those places on my ‘list’ to see in person, holding the same importance of Stongehenge in England. The stones at Carnac date between 4,500 and 3,300 BC. They are old, older than Stongehenge. The interesting thing to remember about them, is there are thousands of stones, that go on for miles. Why did the people of this area feel the need to arrange the stones in perfect lines and how did they have the man power and tools to make this possible? In some respect the stones remind me of tombstones, however there is no proof that was the purpose of the stones. Other scholars think they are related to the stars, however no pattern can be found. 

Nevertheless, the area is serene and peaceful. It must have been lovely thousands of years ago. The colors and textures of the stones are very inspirational, especially since I am in love with grey and muted colors. 

Any theories on why the stones were placed at Carnac? 

December 19, 2011