A Family Reunion

Every year for the past 30 some years my family has gathered in the outer banks of Emerald Isle North Carolina for a family reunion. Its a week to see the family new and old (my family procreates like bunnies) and catch up. All the kids change so much and so fast I was asking for name tags. It’s also a week on the beach with as much relaxation you can suck up with your 50 closest relatives. Lots of family fun all around and yes, tons of great food!

This year there was a sweet little surprise on the beach, or should I say under it. Right at the foot of the wooden deck towards the ocean was a sign reading “Sea Turtle Protection Program”. There was a nest of baby turtles right under the sand. Even in the houses by the outside light switches were signs to turn off the lights before going to bed, so the turtles wouldn’t think it was the moon and go the wrong way. Although we never got to see them, there were little trails every morning toward the ocean.

It’s a great tradition to have a family reunion and you don’t have one yet, start it now. There doesn’t have to be a lot of you and they don’t even have to be your blood, just who you consider family. Where do you and your family go.

June 19, 2012
July 5, 2012