The Brinson’s and APA: Recovery Act

This month on November 28th at Calumet in NYC Susan and I will have our first talk together with the APA (American Photographic Artists). We will share our behind the scenes, trials and tribulations of my photo career after the recession and what we did as a team to make it survive and thrive.

I know some of you know Susan as a stylist on our blog, but she is also a design director at a design and branding firm in NYC. With Susan’s knowledge of design, branding, marketing and social media and my knowledge of the photo industry, we tipped the scales in our favor and the outcome has been amazing.

This talk can be applied to anyone looking to improve their craft and be recognized for it. It was a long road, and were here to share it. Come see us on Nov 28th.

November 18, 2012
December 4, 2012