Thanks for stopping by House of Brinson. We’re the Brinson’s, William and Susan, and we write and photograph all of the content here. In 2010, we were looking for ‘something else’ in our creative lives. We lived in Manhattan, each of us with successful careers, but there was a scratch we couldn’t itch. In the evening and weekends, we started working on House of Brinson as a team. Secretly we always wanted to collaborate as husband and wife, but our industries didn’t allow for the type of collaboration we had in mind. Our passion project, House of Brinson grew faster than we could have imagined.

Within the first two weeks of launching the blog we were asked to be a guest on the Nate Berkus Show, to talk about the blog and the interior design of our Manhattan Loft. We’ve also been featured by Design*Sponge, House Beautiful, HGTV Design Matters, One Kings Lane TasteMakers and Lonny Magazine.

On a personal note, we are indeed high school sweethearts. Everyone is so surprised when they hear this! We met in Maryland when I was in the 9th grade and William was the cooler, older guy in 10th grade who just turned 16 years old. We’ve been together ever since. After high school, we both attended Savannah College of Art and Design. I studied graphic design and William photography. There were only two choices of places to move for careers: NYC or LA. We picked NYC because I’m terrified of living on a fault line. Once in NYC, we were addicted to the city. It slammed inspiration in our face and exposed us to different people and experiences. Our time in NYC helped shape who we are as creative individuals today. In 2013, we had casually been looking for a country house, and at the exact same time learned they were selling our loft building in the city. We had to make a decision: get a new place in the city or go country full time. We decided to go country. I have a saying, “I want NYC to need me, more than I need it.” We’re slowly adapting to country life and learning how to take care of an old house.

Professional Life

We are commercial photographers and work as team. This wasn’t always a thing, let me tell you how we got here. When we graduated college I began working as a graphic designer in boutique agencies and eventually was a Design Director working with the Fortune 100 space. My career became focused on creative team management and strategy. William started off in NYC as a photo assistant as you did in those days, and has been photographing professionally since 2004. After starting the blog together we decided to seriously consider working as a team because we liked it so much. Working together was a natural evolution of our relationship, personally and in business. We get a lot of questions about how we work together, who is behind the camera, who does what. The answer is all of the above. We are true collaborators and don’t get stuck in traditional ‘assignment of tasks’ based on a job description. We think of ourselves as a small creative agency and work with our clients to define what they’d like to collaborate on. If you think of other industries like music, or furniture design, collaboration has produced some of the most memorable work.