Guidelines, Not Rules


I wanted to write a quick post about a conversation I recently had with a friend about design and aesthetics. I was explaining the type of furniture I’m looking for so we can have storage in our bathroom. Of course I have all these ‘rules’ about the size, style and tactical needs for this piece of furniture. My friend said: it sounds like I know exactly what I want. But I knew I was pretty open minded about what the piece of furniture ended up being.  

In chatting with my friend I realized these are just guidelines. There are no RULES! I make guidelines and break them if I feel like it. Call me a rebel, whatever! 

Be kind to yourself as you decorate your home. Make guidelines, not rules. I find so many articles written in design magazines about ‘rules’ which are total nonsense. Style is about instinct, and leaving yourself a bit of wiggle room to make an instinctive decision is key.