Bathroom Makeover

Our bathroom has been a sore spot since we moved in 10 months ago. It was the only hesitation we had when taking the space mainly because there is no bathtub, it was so tiny and in horrible condition. The bathroom was hacked together and never adjusted to look…

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Eataly, Welcome

We finally got a chance to visit new Italian market mecca, Eataly. It was well worth it. I had imagined a few restaurants, a caffeine shrine of some sort and an over priced cheese shop. But to my surprise there is a fish monger, butcher, cheese shop, bread palace,…

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The best way to learn something is practice. I have been practicing my new hobby, canning, a lot! The more I can, the easier it gets. I decided to try canning because I am a horrible cook, but good baker, so I thought this would be somewhere in the…

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The Neighbor’s Bacon

The Catskill Mountains for Labor Day weekend, could you ask for anything better? How about neighbors who raise their own pigs and love to share the bacon. Now that’s what I call a vacation!We received a welcome invitation to come and stay at our friends house for the long…

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Color: Peaches and Cream

This soft color palette has been an ongoing theme in my life. It pops up over and over again, most recently with my adventures in canning. I have made over five batches of peach jam to peach butter. I just can’t get enough. The image above is white peaches…

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