We renovated this bathroom in six short weeks for the One Room Challenge. We did all the installations ourself, mainly to save money. We prefer to use our budget on products that will stand the test of time. If a product is vintage, I try to list resources, or link to new product that is similar. I broke out the product list in sections because some of the hardware you have to purchase separately. 

Finishes: We used unlacquered brass for all our finishes in this room, however Perrin and Rowe offers the same products in many finishes. If you live in the US, Perrin and Rowe is purchased through Rohl, the parent company of Perrin and Rowe

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House of Brinson One Room Challenge Bathroom

The floor is from a company called New Ravenna. They have designs in stock, and also do amazing custom work right in Virginia.

This pattern called Euclid Stone Mosaic and is available in a variety of colors. 




The brand on the toilet is Perrin and Rowe, however look for Rohl, the US parent company of Perrin and Rowe. Perrin and Rowe is a British company, and British toilets are made differently than US toilets (the British version waste drain is on the back). If you live in the US, look for Rohl toilets. 

The Perrin and Rowe Toilet that created a lot of conversation!
Sanitary Handles
Ours came with the toilet seat, however if you have a wooden toilet seat, you can add them.

Sanitary handles come in two sizes (2″ and 1.75″) and you’ll need a set. The 2″ goes on the lid and the 1.75″ on the seat. Links in the next column for the sets I found online. 

I believe you can get these in any finish, try ordering through Ferguson

Rohl Item Number
2″: 4021B
1.75″: 4021A

Polished Nickel Kit
Both Size Handles

Tuscan Brass
2″ Handle
1.75″ Handle

Decor Items


Paint and Wallpaper