During our renovation journey, we have found a lot of helpful (and not so helpful) tools and supplies along the way. I’ve compiled a list of what I have found to be the most useful and even some budget friendly options. We may only have to perform a task once, so lets not blow the budget all in one place. But when you find yourself using a tool or supply over and over again, let’s spend the money for something that will last.

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These are the set of tools that we started out with on our journey and continue to use today. We started with a more budget friendly setup with the Craftsman Router and Table Saw. I would like to upgrade both in the future to the suggestions in the next category, ‘Getting Serious’.



When you really start getting into demo and woodworking projects, these items are perfect. One thing I believe in, if a tool is good, take care of it and it will work for you for a long time. I have a great set of 18V DeWalt battery tools that work well to this day, but the batteries wear out over time. Instead of investing in old tech, DeWalt has a battery adapter kit to upgrade your old 18V to 20V. It works like a dream, and saved me from throwing away good tools.


There seems like there is no end to painting projects at Stony Ford, but to me it usually signals the end of a project and feeling of accomplishment. Below I’ve listed all the products that we continually use over and over again. We probably should have bought stock in these companies, LOL. Some odd items are listed, like Press’n Seal. We love using this to seal up a paint brush for a lunch break, or even a paint can lid that has paint caked on the edge. We also highly recommend a paint mixer for your drill. It ensures no streaking in color and your paint is fully mixed. Lastly, I’ll call attention to our beloved Peel Away 1 – in our opinion – the best paint stripper on the market.