Trick or Treat? My discount strategy

I’m not a coupon person and I’m very impatient when it comes to waiting for discounts cause I can be an ‘in the moment buyer’. 

Here’s my trick: Email newsletters. Yupp. Here’s my favorites to subscribe – the discounts are SO good. I even will fill my shopping cart when I feel like shopping and then go purchase when a sale code is in the email newsletter. 

House of Antique Hardware: usually 20% off. I noticed they offer 10% for signing up, but I’ve seen 20% off the whole site in the past. 

Rejuvenation: I buy hardware and curtain rods, plus all kinds of other goodies. They have 20% off from time to time and 30% off in some categories. The cafe curtain rods are really good here, I’ll usually wait for a coupon to buy. 

John Robshaw: More interior design accents, but 25% off and early access is a good thing! 

Happy shopping! If you have a favorite store that has good discounts in newsletters, share it in the comments! ~Susan