A Chinatown Durian

This past weekend we took a little trip down to Chinatown to run some errands and explore. I love walking the streets looking at the markets and  trying to figure out what I’m looking at. It’s exotic fun for sure.

One thing I was always curious about was the Durian fruit. It’s spiky like a porcupine and a little larger than a pineapple. If you have heard of the Durian, you know it has a stinky reputation. It is actually so pungent that some hotelsin Asia won’t permit it.

What is so deceiving about this fruit, is the texture on the inside. It’s almost like a Brie cheese but a bit firmer. Each Durian has segments that are filled with this cheese like substance. The shape, kind of reminds me of sweet breads.

Luckily, as I was nibbling away on a pastry outside the bakery, the man at the market started to construct this makeshift cutting board. He quickly started deconstructing two Durians like I’m sure he has a hundred times before. In an instant he was done and the customer was on their way.

So if you are ever in Chinatown, look out for the stinky fruit, and have them cut it up for you. Your neighbors will thank you.

March 2, 2011