Profile: Kate Jordan

I recently had the pleasure to meet Kate Jordan, who is a fantastic photo stylist that styles soft goods, still life and interiors. Kate is coming to us in New York City from Pennsylvania, where she worked for Anthropologie for quite while. Now out on her own, with representation from Pat Bates, she gets to shower us with her amazing talents, so keep an eye out. Her blog The Modern Diary,  is a great visual diary of her current muses and is definitely worth a look.

Often times, as a professional artists, when we want to include certain types of work in our portfolios or just budding new ideas, we will get together and collaborate to produce some amazing work. This keeps us fresh and our minds working. And Kate and I did just that, so here is a sneak preview of my new still life portfolio. Enjoy!

April 18, 2012
April 26, 2012