Apple Pie Yogurt

Apple Pie Yogurt

Breakfast is a ‘must-have’ part of my morning. My favorite breakfast is a dressed up yogurt. (I like Chobani. Keeping it local in upstate New York.) I went through the adding granola phase and realized, there is more to yogurt than just adding granola. Lately, my favorite has been adding apple jam and toasted almond slivers. It pretty much tastes just like apple pie. The apple jam has a slight hint of apple pie filling and the toasted almonds have a warm nutty flavor like the crust.

If the secret is not already out, I love canning, and made my own apple jam. I really like the apple jam recipe on Hitchhiking to Heaven. It has quickly become a new favorite. You can buy apple jam if you are not into making it yourself.

How do you dress up your yogurt?

July 4, 2012

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    Salena Lettera

    September 28, 2020

    Yogurt is my daily breakfast. I like Fage Greek yogurt (usually I buy the 2%, but the 5% is decadent. It’s so thick, I love it.). My favorite mix in is fresh peaches, toasted coconut flakes (the toasted are better than just regular, but if I haven’t toasted any, regular flakes are fine), and sliced almonds. I crave it. I also like the Fage with lemon curd mixed in. So yum! I’m definitely going to try this, as jam in yogurt is a great way to add flavor!